Happy Tuesday Tuneday! (okay so it’s Wednesday…)

Life has been a little crazy since the big move to LA. We’re still living out of boxes and haven’t found the perfect couch or desks to actually furnish our apartment. So Tuesday may have come and gone…BUT no fear because I bring gifts of amazing proposal love via The Knotty Bride (AKA Bloggess I Stalk Read the Mostest)!

This is the sweet story of Patrick and Kimberly.

Patrick teamed up with Shutter Life Productions to create this incredible story of their relationship and proposal. The detail and thought that went into this alone is enough to make you fake an eyelash in the eye. But the absolute adorableness of the couple will bring you to full out happy tears.


And how cute is Kimberly at the end of the video when she sees the ring again!?


Hope you enjoy too!

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