Happy girls are the prettiest girls

Happy Girls

Sometimes the secret to life truly seems to be just L.I.V.I.N.G.

Today I was supposed to be at BlogHer in Chicago with a dear friend, but life happens and we had to cancel our plans last minute. So I found myself with a scheduled vacation day and no where to go. Cue perfect excuse for a personal recoup, rejuv, rejive day! Which I’ve decided needs to be a new monthly tradition.

A single day dedicated to pure, selfish, soul feeding, goodness.

Today’s installment came up a little unplanned, but it’s really brilliant in its simplicity. A single day. 24 hours. One day to focus on giving that used and abused creative muscle a day at the spa. Zee hubs and I decided planning future days will be a necessity. Otherwise we might not get a chance to really do all the fun, things we’ve been coveting for our creative souls. But today I will just be happy spending time connecting with the things that make my heart smile.

Things like supporting friends like Linda Kahle. Linda is the pint sized, “prettiest girl” behind Fine Art Imagery. I met her on Twitter once upon a time when I was toying with the idea of becoming a wedding planner. Because she’s an ABSOLUTELY talented little doll, we ended up having her do our reception photography (even though we had not even been planning reception photos!). And I cannot say enough how happy we are we did. She caught the most sentimental picture from our whole wedding celebration, which we cherish.

But she’s not all lace and satin…well at least not all white lace and satin. Linda has been busily building out her portfolio with Boudoir! And I cannot get over her fun video promoting this ultimate celebration of a woman’s beauty.

As Linda puts it perfectly, “to make every woman look and feel as beautiful as she actually is….”

Enjoy! And make sure you contact Linda for your special day…or night!



This week in Robin Hooding…

A fun DIY for the perfect polka dot.


{Get all the details on this dainty veil from Green Wedding Shoes}

And from a backyard garden to a beach far away, we bring you a unique toss on the post-ceremony celebration!

{Wish you were here from Jet Fete}

Then with a leap of faith, the always creative, Diego Munoz brings us an unbelievable Trash the Dress photo once again.

{Can’t wait for his blog updates? Don’t forget to like his page and get first glimpses of  his out of this world works of art}

And finally with a tap of ruby shoes, we find ourselves back home with a personal fav. The lovely, talented, diva with the details, HeathOriginal brings us this beyond adorable Oz themed baby shower.

From lions and tigers.

To sweet baby smiles…

This couldn’t be a more perfect addition to our weekly roundup of Robin Hooding. And while I realize this last treasure is not a traditional “wedding” find, my tres adorablae niece makes it totally legit (not biased at all).

What have been your favorite finds this week? Any gorgeous gowns? Beautiful bouquets? Fabulous photographs? Please share!


Excitement beyond containment! Engagements galore!

Shivering with excitement.

That’s how I felt when I got off the phone with my best friend and the world’s most amazing Maid of Honor. I could not be more thrilled, ecstatic, gleeful, filled with joy, and all things sparkles and smiles for her recent engagement at Mt. Zion. Beyond gorgeous ring. Breath taking backdrop. And to quote he who has a way when hair gel and hairspray…

A love to make story books jealous.

Love you mucho my sweet Pocket Jenny! And in honor of the most exciting announcement this month, here’s a little sneak preview of the board that’s been patiently waiting for this momentous day!

{Left: Pinterest}{Right: Xenia}

And For the Love of Scrabble…

{Studio La Touche}


For the cardigan addiction.

{Grey Likes Weddings}

For the musician who stole your heart.


{5 Dollar French Market}

And last but definitely not least.

Go Cougs!

{Sugar Plum Garters}

2014 is going to be an exciting year!

First day of summer. National PDA Day (on Hump Day…). June 20th you complete me.

June 20th this one’s for you…

Oh and wait…

Did someone say PDA?

I would kiss you at city hall.

Or in traffic when our cars stall.

I would kiss you under the sea.

I would even kiss you in a taxi.

I would kiss you on the move.

Or in a dip if you’re really smooth.

I would kiss you in the rain.

I would kiss you on a train.

I would kiss you as a sign

That my kisses are yours, if your heart is mine.






Happy Tuesday Tuneday! (okay so it’s Wednesday…)

Life has been a little crazy since the big move to LA. We’re still living out of boxes and haven’t found the perfect couch or desks to actually furnish our apartment. So Tuesday may have come and gone…BUT no fear because I bring gifts of amazing proposal love via The Knotty Bride (AKA Bloggess I Stalk Read the Mostest)!

This is the sweet story of Patrick and Kimberly.

Patrick teamed up with Shutter Life Productions to create this incredible story of their relationship and proposal. The detail and thought that went into this alone is enough to make you fake an eyelash in the eye. But the absolute adorableness of the couple will bring you to full out happy tears.


And how cute is Kimberly at the end of the video when she sees the ring again!?


Hope you enjoy too!

Wedding photos worthy of your childhood dreams and life from the road

When I was just a little shrimp growing up in my small town hometown I used to spend hours in my room “make believing'”. Usually with my favorite “people”. Barbie and Ken. We’d plan their dream wedding. Barbie’s future as a high powered CEO in LA or New York. And sometimes the fun vacations they’d take together. (No judgment please)

So on my own road trip with Zee German and Puffin ithe fitting that I stumble across this awesome styled shoot from Diego Munoz!

Prepare yourself.





How could you not be in love with this!? Oh and this just happens to be the photographer behind our own future W-Day photos. Which are so obvs going to be amazeballs, because how could someone capturing Mattel’s truest love story not be anything but amazeballs in all they do? Be jealous.

And to complete the childhood circle of dreams, a little update in case you missed it. We my lovely friends are relocating from rainy Washington to rainy sunny California! LALA land to be exact. We, being overly ambitious, should be ending our two day road trip late tonight red eyed and buzzed on junk food. I sense a detox in my new LA life…

On the bright side Princess Puffin McMuffin has plenty of time to catch up on her beauty sleep for her divalicious debut.


And later on…


WTF California!?