Happy Tuesday Tuneday! (okay so it’s Wednesday…)

Life has been a little crazy since the big move to LA. We’re still living out of boxes and haven’t found the perfect couch or desks to actually furnish our apartment. So Tuesday may have come and gone…BUT no fear because I bring gifts of amazing proposal love via The Knotty Bride (AKA Bloggess I Stalk Read the Mostest)!

This is the sweet story of Patrick and Kimberly.

Patrick teamed up with Shutter Life Productions to create this incredible story of their relationship and proposal. The detail and thought that went into this alone is enough to make you fake an eyelash in the eye. But the absolute adorableness of the couple will bring you to full out happy tears.


And how cute is Kimberly at the end of the video when she sees the ring again!?


Hope you enjoy too!

It don’t mean a thing if he ain’t got that bling

One of the first things you get asked when people find out you’re engaged is – Let me see the ring!

There’s no question the ring has become the international symbol of love. How much your fiance loves you. How much you love him.

$ How much $

And I am just as guilty as the next girl with sparkles on the mind. But I have to say that I didn’t go the traditional route. Instead Zee German (my hubby-to-be) surprised me with a band of diamonds similar to this:

And there are so many reasons why I love his thoughtful pick!

  • Though we’d been ring shopping together I couldn’t quite decide on a design I wanted to wear all the time. But I had commented on the eternity band my friend wears, and how I loved the simplicity and would wear that style every day vs. a bigger ring I would probably take off.
  • We are planning to have an “engagement ring” as our “anniversary ring”, which I LOVE! To me this is symbolic of our love and marriage and allows us to celebrate both in such a meaningful way (PLUS I pick rock over paper any day).
  • I get to keep ring “shopping”!

This last is really just a fun extra that I recently realized, but I do love that even after the wedding dress (which I had rushed to pick/order originally due to a crazy idea that we should get married in 5 mo.) is picked and wedding day is over, I can still peruse jewelers’ windows for beautiful bling!

And I tend to lose things…


How are you celebrating your unique love story?

[Photo credit: EE Robbins – Martin Flyer]

Saving before you’re engaged? That’s crazy talk!…Or is it?

One thing that Pinterest continues to remind us is that all women were once little girls with big dreams. Dreams about their perfect wedding day. About the beautiful ring. About their knight in shining armor. And about The Dress.

So we all plan our whole lives and then we wait. Wait until the day we meet The One. And then we wait some more. We wait until The ONE  asks us to be his wife. And THEN we frantically scramble to pull off the jaw-dropping, fairy tale wedding of our dreams within ONE YEAR!


What if we didn’t. I don’t mean stop dreaming and scheming about the big day (that’s just crazy talk). I mean what if we didn’t wait until we were officially engaged before we started saving to make the wedding of our dreams a reality? Again. CRAZY LADY.

Or not.

Just think, the average wedding was almost $27,000 in 2010 – not including the honeymoon, and seriously who doesn’t want a killer honeymoon!? With the average engagement lasting 14 months that means you need to save NEARLY $2K A MONTH. That doesn’t even factor in vendors that require up front deposits (which you haven’t started saving yet).

Ironically the first time I heard about the idea of saving for a pre-engagement Wedding Fund was from a guy(Ramit Sethi in I Will Teach You To Be Rich). Then again, maybe it’s not ironic since most women are afraid of seeming crazy by having a “Wedding Fund” without even having a man. But what’s crazier? Starting to save a couple hundred a month in college or when you land your first job? OR waiting until you get to save $2K or more per month? [Note: No judgement here. I didn’t read Sethi until post-engagement, when my fiance and I started talking about finances – oh the irony…So that places me firmly in the latter group. Bring on the Top Ramen dinners!]

Not only will you be cutting out one of the biggest stress factors of a wedding. Planning early means you can still enjoy those Starbuck’s lattes and splurges along the way (hello facials and shiny new shoes I obviously need for my bachelorette party…and bridal shower…and honeymoon). Or if you need to skip a month, you can without hitting your carefully set wedding budget.

Maybe it’s not for you. Maybe you’re afraid he might think you’re crazy. But do you seriously think his reaction will be, “I’m out! She’s nuts. Wedding Fund!? What is that!?”.

Or do you think he’ll be all like, “Dude, SWEET! I’m the luckiest man on the earth. Not only is my fiancee super hot, intelligent, witty and A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. in bed. She already has a Wedding Fund for us. Woot! Woot! No living on Top Ramen for a year!”…It will be something like this. Trust me.

P.S. You can check out an overview of Ramit’s wedding budgeting break down on his blog here.

P.P.S. GUYS (and girlfriends who love their guys and big, shiny engagement rings) – You should also think about a pre-engagement fund. Because unless you seriously think you’re never getting married, when you finally know – you’re going to want to immediately get that girl off the market. So why not already have enough saved to buy the woman of your dreams the ring of hers.

[Photo Credit: 1.) Pinterest: A place of imaginary weddings and kids – Pinned via Web/Jessica Martin 2.) Infographic on the True Cost of Tying the Knot – Credit Sesame]

When circles collide and a reprieve for my Pinterest followers

It’s finally time. Perhaps it was the recent addition of male Pinterested followers or the announcement of BiSC (which – OH.MY.HAPPY.HAPPY.JOY.JOY. it’s HERE!). But one way or another I’ve decided to dedicate A Circular Life to my obsession with weddings and events (oh hey, have you checked out my ridiculous display of “late night productivity”?).

My hope.

To spare my poor male constituents the visual vomit of Pink! Sparkles! Satin!

To have a “clean space” for organizing designs and delicious details for weddings, baby showers, birthday parties and more (but mostly weddings)!

To give a little separation to the career circle and the HI-I-HAVE-A-PROBLEM personal love circle(s).

To honor my dedication to 2012. To the promise that this year I’ll dare. I’ll tone down the “What if’s” and ramp up the “What the hell’s”.

And because…

[Photo Credit: 1) ringoblog.com & Pinterest – Lindsay Claire 2) Helzberg Diamonds 3) Barney’s – Cathy Waterman Open Heart Ring ($3,280) 4) Pinterest – Michelle Jones 5) Pinterest – Janae Harrison 6) Anna Sheffield – Hazeline Solitaire (from $1,100) 7) Simon G 8) Amazon – Da’Carli ($1,525) 9) Harry Winston – Attraction 10) Your Engagement 101 – Simon G 11) Pinterest – Rachel Adams 12) Lauren Klein – Rose Gold Morganite Cushion Cut ($14,500)]

*I have used my best efforts to attribute to correct sources; however, please feel free to contact me for requests to update or remove any images or references. Thank you!