Monday Music

This has been stuck in my head since watching the last installment of Twilight. And since sharing is caring, I hope you all enjoy my “pass” to you.

Besides, who doesn’t love a song fit for sparkly skin and eternal love?

Happy Tunesday!

Just a little Bruno Mars to start the day off.

I first heard this song on Glee and can’t say which version I love more. But either way, this is one of my favorite wedding songs!

Perfect for you and your girls to start the day off with during your pre-wedding getting ready session.

A fun way to kick off the reception festivities.

Or the perfect, quirky way to add in some personality as you walk down the aisle to your guy!

Enjoy Loves!

Happy Tuesday Tuneday! (okay so it’s Wednesday…)

Life has been a little crazy since the big move to LA. We’re still living out of boxes and haven’t found the perfect couch or desks to actually furnish our apartment. So Tuesday may have come and gone…BUT no fear because I bring gifts of amazing proposal love via The Knotty Bride (AKA Bloggess I Stalk Read the Mostest)!

This is the sweet story of Patrick and Kimberly.

Patrick teamed up with Shutter Life Productions to create this incredible story of their relationship and proposal. The detail and thought that went into this alone is enough to make you fake an eyelash in the eye. But the absolute adorableness of the couple will bring you to full out happy tears.


And how cute is Kimberly at the end of the video when she sees the ring again!?


Hope you enjoy too!

Happy Tunesday and Birthday to Zee German!

Happy Tunesday!

So this week was a pretty crazy one for us. We packed up and left our Seattle digs on Thursday morning, arriving in sunny LA by Friday night (can you say overly ambitious?)! After driving circles around the Greater Lala land area, we finally settled in on our new “home” just in time to celebrate Zee German’s birthday!

So in honor of the most amazing man, partner, best friend, mentor and ex-boyfriend – I am dedicating today’s tune to ZQT himself! It has little to do with weddings, but everything to do with us (the belting German tunes from the top of our lungs in the “privacy” of his Z350 us).

What are your favorite songs to sing like no one’s listening?


Happy Tunesday! (And an announcement…)

Happy Tuesday! Who else woke up, thought it was Saturday and went, “Oh crap…”? Anyone? Anyone?

I am feeling a little scattered these days. And it’s because I AM a little scattered. A sprinkle in Seattle. A dash in Mexico. And now a full on scoop in CALIFORNIA!

That’s right! We’re moving to California! The exact location is a bit in the air still (see SCATTERED above), but we are moving in about 2 WEEKS!

So apologies for the lack of blog goodness, but I promise I’ll be back to my Robin Hooding self soon and sharing all kinds of wedding porn. Promise.

But in the meantime, who’s up for a little anthem!?


And anyone in California (San Fran or LA area) with tips on locations to live, I will love you forever for any great leads on apartments, houses or condos for rent! You might even win yourself a kiss from the Puffer Nugget if you live close by!


Happy Tunesday!

Happy Tunesday Loves!

This week we got some exciting news, which I can’t wait to share when it’s a little more “official official”! But in the meantime I’ve been thinking a lot about our future home and settling down. Zee German has been traveling for business the last couple days, and it’s always funny for me to realize how intertwined our lives have become.

Life just feel more complete when we’re together. And I think it’s really true that the most important thing about a home is who you share it with (thank you Pinterest!).

So in honor of our handsome other halves, I hope you enjoy today’s tune!

{And who doesn’t love The Notebook? #Iwanttobeabirdtoo}


Happy Tunesday (and first day of spring)!

In honor of the first day of spring this couldn’t be a better pick!

Plus it reminds me of our vacation in Maui and the CD from the Road to Hana. Has anyone else ever done that trip? If not I highly suggest it! You’ll see mixed reviews mostly because it is a long day in the car, but we loved it. Especially as a nice relaxing day to just be together. Though it’s not recommended if you’re renting a large SUV because the road is pretty narrow.

Make sure you go early enough (or plan to stay the night along the way) to spend time at the black sand beach (our favorite!) Waianapanapa and soak in the Pools of Oheo while the sun is still out.

{Pools of Oheo at the end of the Road to Hana}

Enjoy loves!

Happy Tunesday (yes I realize it’s nearly Wednesday…)!

This song has special meaning for Zee German and me. Early on in our relationship there was a little text situation in which I ended up with the nickname “Fire Chicken” (apparently that was supposed to be “hot chick” – so, I’m not fluent in iPhone emoticons after all. Go figure). And as an equal counter, I decided he would then forever be known as “Fire Penguin” (it was the next cutest animal icon).

But obviously now it’s so perfect! Because penguins mate love for life. And the male penguin is a supper supportive hubby and fierce protector of baby penguins (even unhatched). AND who doesn’t love penguins!?

[See Right]

Zee German.


Beachy beach.

Penguin bliss.

[Also, THIS post – where I snagged this picture is so fitting]

I mean seriously. Who doesn’t love penguins!?

[Source: Again with the posts on penguin love!]

ANYWAY. Enjoy my loves! What songs are special for you?