Created and Curated by Mallory Armstrong

Life wasn’t meant to be lived in a line. You are meant to find yourself circling as you explore what drives you. Delights you. Captivates you. You were meant to discover new joys and sometimes rediscover forgotten ones. You were meant to live a circular life.

Welcome to my life in circles.

I am a manifesting, new mama (because when is the adventure of mommyhood ever not presenting you with something new?). A creative soul. Explorer of Life. Media guru by trade. Storyteller and curator by passion. Fierce protector of the inner child in all of us.

You know the one. She (or he, but we’re going to say she) was a bold, brave little soul. Her eyes shone with the endless possibilities life held. She truly believed she was capable of anything she put her heart to. She attacked growing up with the fearless abandon only fitting for a little warrior of the world!

But maybe somewhere along the way she started listening to the outside world and that noise started to drown out her inner world. Maybe she quieted. Maybe she stopped trying to explore and started to try to blend in. Maybe she got lost.

A Circular Lift originally started as a blog. A personal record of passion projects, soap box moments, and the things that kept me up at night lit up with inspiration. It was meant as a way to sort through the noise to find “my thing”. But it’s become so much more. It’s become my center of creation and curation. An exploration through the things that capture my heart. A way for me to share these inspirations with you for hopes they might call to your inner child too.

So, if you’ve read this far I’d like to officially welcome you to a life in circles. It may not be straight forward, but I promise it’s oh so much more exciting.

And now that we’re officially friends, I’d love to know who you are! Come find me over on Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram and let me know what your craziest 5 yr. old self quote or dream was. Then let’s plot how to take some of that magical thinking into action!


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