adventures in growing up

As we left work Zee German said something related to babysitting, which led us to mention Adventures in Babysitting and how we both loved that movie, which of course then led us to how Zee German obviously made it his goal to relive this movie in his daily life as proven by his track record of dating sub-25 year olds. Then deciding to marry one who frequently tries to get herself killed by texting and walking, crossing the street when everyone else does (despite the oncoming traffic) and drunkapades involving tutus, butts in the air and walking away with anyone that takes her hand (Oh hai mom! Promise I would never do that), where by making the rest of his life one big bad adventure in babysitting.

And that’s really all any of this mid-20 something life seems to be. One big adventure. Adventure in finding yourself. losing yourself. discovering yourself. accepting yourself. pushing yourself. Currently I’m somewhere between re-finding myself and letting go of the self I thought I was supposed to be.

This quote has popped up in my life about 5 times in the last couple weeks, which usually would mean that it’s a big flipping sign I’m not really doing what I should be (workwise or by spending too much time on sites like Pinterest – you decide).

And I really like this quote. It makes perfect sense that you should be doing what you would prefer to spend your time with when you have the choice. However, I also hate this quote because it makes me want to punch babies in the face when I re-assess how I spend my time and realize I need to find a way to become a professional Facebook Stalker, Pinboard Curator, or Coco Puffin Cuddler.

So the takeaway here is:

I need to be more flipping productive with my time

But also, it does help me narrow down interests, because it’s true that while many of us enjoy spending our time on Social Media sites and stalking  connecting with others, there are some things to be discovered in why I personally enjoy it so much. I like connecting. I like creating. I like beauty and visuals. I like writing. I like ideas. I like sharing. And I’m sure that if I keep analyzing this idea of work being what I prefer to do with my time, I just might figure out what the hell it is that I am “supposed” to be doing with myself. Or at least I’ll have a really great Pinboard about it in the meantime.

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