Confessions of an addict. about that time i stayed up until 2 AM “pinning”. and the next night.

Word of warning, if you do not already know what Pinterest is you may want to stop reading right now.


This is your last warning.

Fine. Well then welcome to the world of so many pretties #IDie. A life in which the hubby-to-be goes to bed alone. Sleep becomes oh so uncreative, and life is a nonstop wedding.

The irony and most Pinteresting part of this addicting site is that it was founded by three dudes. Apparently has one woman (re: “three dudes” link). And yet a barrage of women posting wedding, decorating, styling and cooking boards dominates the space. In fact, when Zee German thought he’d check out his competition, he quickly gave up when the results for “gun” showed up with this…


Obviously he’s not the target market (or any “he” for that matter). But that’s quite alright, because that means my own searches are undiluted, beautiful, feeds of


and this.

and THIS!!!!


Oh Pinterest. You had me at hello…just don’t tell my fiance.

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