It don’t mean a thing if he ain’t got that bling

One of the first things you get asked when people find out you’re engaged is – Let me see the ring!

There’s no question the ring has become the international symbol of love. How much your fiance loves you. How much you love him.

$ How much $

And I am just as guilty as the next girl with sparkles on the mind. But I have to say that I didn’t go the traditional route. Instead Zee German (my hubby-to-be) surprised me with a band of diamonds similar to this:

And there are so many reasons why I love his thoughtful pick!

  • Though we’d been ring shopping together I couldn’t quite decide on a design I wanted to wear all the time. But I had commented on the eternity band my friend wears, and how I loved the simplicity and would wear that style every day vs. a bigger ring I would probably take off.
  • We are planning to have an “engagement ring” as our “anniversary ring”, which I LOVE! To me this is symbolic of our love and marriage and allows us to celebrate both in such a meaningful way (PLUS I pick rock over paper any day).
  • I get to keep ring “shopping”!

This last is really just a fun extra that I recently realized, but I do love that even after the wedding dress (which I had rushed to pick/order originally due to a crazy idea that we should get married in 5 mo.) is picked and wedding day is over, I can still peruse jewelers’ windows for beautiful bling!

And I tend to lose things…


How are you celebrating your unique love story?

[Photo credit: EE Robbins – Martin Flyer]

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