When circles collide and a reprieve for my Pinterest followers

It’s finally time. Perhaps it was the recent addition of male Pinterested followers or the announcement of BiSC (which – OH.MY.HAPPY.HAPPY.JOY.JOY. it’s HERE!). But one way or another I’ve decided to dedicate A Circular Life to my obsession with weddings and events (oh hey, have you checked out my ridiculous display of “late night productivity”?).

My hope.

To spare my poor male constituents the visual vomit of Pink! Sparkles! Satin!

To have a “clean space” for organizing designs and delicious details for weddings, baby showers, birthday parties and more (but mostly weddings)!

To give a little separation to the career circle and the HI-I-HAVE-A-PROBLEM personal love circle(s).

To honor my dedication to 2012. To the promise that this year I’ll dare. I’ll tone down the “What if’s” and ramp up the “What the hell’s”.

And because…

[Photo Credit: 1) ringoblog.com & Pinterest – Lindsay Claire 2) Helzberg Diamonds 3) Barney’s – Cathy Waterman Open Heart Ring ($3,280) 4) Pinterest – Michelle Jones 5) Pinterest – Janae Harrison 6) Anna Sheffield – Hazeline Solitaire (from $1,100) 7) Simon G 8) Amazon – Da’Carli ($1,525) 9) Harry Winston – Attraction 10) Your Engagement 101 – Simon G 11) Pinterest – Rachel Adams 12) Lauren Klein – Rose Gold Morganite Cushion Cut ($14,500)]

*I have used my best efforts to attribute to correct sources; however, please feel free to contact me for requests to update or remove any images or references. Thank you!

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