This week in Robin Hooding…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been inspired by all the gorgeousness online. These are just a few of my latest favs. Hope you enjoy!

DIY Sequin Cocktail Glass Collars

One of my absolute favorite stalk-worthy wedding bloggistas has posted a fun DIY right in time for the holidays! How cute would your NYE champagne be decked in sequins this year?!

But of course you couldn’t dress up your cocktail while neglecting yourself…

Hair Flair

Voila! Hair flair if you dare. Lovely locks won’t be complete without one of these.

That is unless you have a crush worthy style like this

Half Updo

With some curl. A little wave. A bit of criss-cross action and a twist. This style is simple, yet elegant from wedding aisles to holiday parties!

And speaking of parties, don’t forget the little one! Deck her out with her very own sparkles using these fabric stickers (FABRIC GLITTER STICKERS!!! LOVE!)

Confetti Dot Skirt

And what holiday would be complete without a little bling?

Jennifer Stano - Wedding Bling


But honestly. Let’s. Just. Stop.

How beyond gorgeous and covetable is Mrs. Stano David’s ring bling? I mean seriously. Now that’s a Christmas Miracle…

Ah…but back to reality, how adorable would it be for your future hubby to pop the question while picking out a Christmas Tree? That’s the premise behind this lovable little post.

Christmas Proposal

So whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa…

Globe Guest Book


Wherever you are around the world.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s pursuits in Robin Hooding! Happy Holidays everyone!

It don’t mean a thing if he ain’t got that bling

One of the first things you get asked when people find out you’re engaged is – Let me see the ring!

There’s no question the ring has become the international symbol of love. How much your fiance loves you. How much you love him.

$ How much $

And I am just as guilty as the next girl with sparkles on the mind. But I have to say that I didn’t go the traditional route. Instead Zee German (my hubby-to-be) surprised me with a band of diamonds similar to this:

And there are so many reasons why I love his thoughtful pick!

  • Though we’d been ring shopping together I couldn’t quite decide on a design I wanted to wear all the time. But I had commented on the eternity band my friend wears, and how I loved the simplicity and would wear that style every day vs. a bigger ring I would probably take off.
  • We are planning to have an “engagement ring” as our “anniversary ring”, which I LOVE! To me this is symbolic of our love and marriage and allows us to celebrate both in such a meaningful way (PLUS I pick rock over paper any day).
  • I get to keep ring “shopping”!

This last is really just a fun extra that I recently realized, but I do love that even after the wedding dress (which I had rushed to pick/order originally due to a crazy idea that we should get married in 5 mo.) is picked and wedding day is over, I can still peruse jewelers’ windows for beautiful bling!

And I tend to lose things…


How are you celebrating your unique love story?

[Photo credit: EE Robbins – Martin Flyer]