Happy Tunesday! (And an announcement…)

Happy Tuesday! Who else woke up, thought it was Saturday and went, “Oh crap…”? Anyone? Anyone?

I am feeling a little scattered these days. And it’s because I AM a little scattered. A sprinkle in Seattle. A dash in Mexico. And now a full on scoop in CALIFORNIA!

That’s right! We’re moving to California! The exact location is a bit in the air still (see SCATTERED above), but we are moving in about 2 WEEKS!

So apologies for the lack of blog goodness, but I promise I’ll be back to my Robin Hooding self soon and sharing all kinds of wedding porn. Promise.

But in the meantime, who’s up for a little anthem!?


And anyone in California (San Fran or LA area) with tips on locations to live, I will love you forever for any great leads on apartments, houses or condos for rent! You might even win yourself a kiss from the Puffer Nugget if you live close by!


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