Crazy About Coral

For those of you brave souls following my Pinterest addiction boards, it may come as no surprise that I’m ECSTATIC about the Coral Comeback (see also circa 1993 when I could be seen trend-setting in my stylish Coral sweater dresses…With full on big bangs and a piggyback perm, but let’s let the latter RIP)! Even Zee German has noted that I seem to, “…have a thing for Coral.”

Because it works for every skin tone!{EXCLAMATION MARK}!

{BCBG Bachelorette Bombshell Necessity} {Vitamin A Bikini} {The. Shorts. That Pinterest Loves} {Cache Honeymoon – The Dress That Babies Are Made From}

It’s easy peasy to accessorize. And makes you feel like summer just by wearing.

{Kate Spade Is My Homegirl} {Essie Nailed It}

It’s totally versatile. And can be incorporated in pretty much any style you choose.

{Painted Frames Are So Hot Right Now} {As Are Printables…And A Little Thing Called Ombre} {Traveling in Style}

AND can be worn…

{GET.ON.MY.FEET. – AKA Aldo’s Vendetta Against Saving Money}

Who else out there is Crazy for Coral? By the way I wear size 6 1/2 and take all major forms of Aldo.

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