Eiffel For You…

Somewhere at the corner of Happily Ever After and way too little sleep, I crack myself up. Otherwise known as my idea for a Parisian themed wedding…

“Eiffel For You”

Get it!? haha <— See *literally* laughing at my own cleverness

Admittedly it very well could have been a term coined by another, but since I hadn’t seen it in all my Robin Hooding and pretty much everything on the web has been re-invented and reclaimed multiple times over anyway, I’m claiming it for ACL.

But more importantly, I’m sharing it with you…

Paris Palette

{Every little girls dream picture} {Baubles} {Oh Christian!} {Oo La La It’s Couture}

Wedding Poses

Hair Flair

{Pretty in Pink} {Pastel and Pearls}

The Details

{Eiffel In Love} {Palettable Place Setting}

wedding love

{Lovebirds in Louvre}

Je Taime


So there you have it dolls.

From Paris with Louvre….

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Writing on the wall

This is for anyone who’s written their wedding vows, a best man or maid of honor speech, a toast. For those moments so special that you want to capture with the perfect words. And for knowing that sometimes, the best words have already been written…


Creating your backdrop with words from your favorite love songs, your own wedding song, your vows, a love story…


Hand written menus, thank you notes, prayers…



Table decorations

{Robin Hooded}

And for remembering your first dance…

{Emmaline Bride}

Vowable art for your home together or as a gift for friends.

How do you say what’s in your heart?


Paris. Amor. Lavender. Tiffany’s. Bubbles. Champagne. Tory Burch. Aqua. Sparkles. Purple. Teal. Diamonds. and Fairy Tales…

And Fairy Tales…

Because my little Yuri only gets married once. Because you only live once. You only love once.


Paris with Love

Teal Ombre

{Teal Ombre Bridesmaid Dresses}

Lavender Ombre

{Purple Ombre Bridesmaids Dresses}

The layout

{Mixes of Turquoise and Violet}

The eats

{DIY Ombre Sugar Hearts for the Guests – Tutorial}

{Frozen Fruits and Champagne Jello Shots}

Eat Cake

{Ombre cake with Gilded Detail}


{Beautiful Bouquet}

Flower Arrangements

{Colored glass and lavender florals}

Tory BurchOh Tory…

Get Social

{Instagram and Love Notes}


{Puppy Love}

But most importantly…

Just Wishing and Hoping…

I had tried to find a way to get bulk dandelion “wishers” for my wedding to give to guests or have “thrown” as we walked down the aisle after the ceremony. Alas, our wedding was in Mexico so we weren’t able to smuggle them over.

However, I still LOVE the idea and offer it out there to any of your brides-to-be. I thought it was an ultra romantic idea to have “wishes” blown around us as a new couple and to give wishes to our friends and family for joining us on our wedding day.

But whether you’re able to live out my (or your own because I’m sure I’m not the first to have thought it up) little wedding wish, I love that you can still wear a sweet little wishing necklace…

Etsy via NaturetopiaCreations

Dandelion Necklace



Etsy via TheHangingGarden

Dandelion Necklace 2


Etsy via KandyDisenos

Dandelion Necklace 3

Excitement beyond containment! Engagements galore!

Shivering with excitement.

That’s how I felt when I got off the phone with my best friend and the world’s most amazing Maid of Honor. I could not be more thrilled, ecstatic, gleeful, filled with joy, and all things sparkles and smiles for her recent engagement at Mt. Zion. Beyond gorgeous ring. Breath taking backdrop. And to quote he who has a way when hair gel and hairspray…

A love to make story books jealous.

Love you mucho my sweet Pocket Jenny! And in honor of the most exciting announcement this month, here’s a little sneak preview of the board that’s been patiently waiting for this momentous day!

{Left: Pinterest}{Right: Xenia}

And For the Love of Scrabble…

{Studio La Touche}


For the cardigan addiction.

{Grey Likes Weddings}

For the musician who stole your heart.


{5 Dollar French Market}

And last but definitely not least.

Go Cougs!

{Sugar Plum Garters}

2014 is going to be an exciting year!

Add some shake to your cake…toppers! Cake Toppers with style.

Most of you know that when planning a wedding, you spend a lot of time becoming a fast friend of details. Blush vs. Pink. Roses vs. Peonies. Up vs. Down.

Even Jef wants to get caught up in the details…

But when fretting over the fine print, don’t forget to have fun with the details you can. The ones that you and your guests will likely remember rather than whether your programs matched your invites (truth, sorry ladies).

Such as spicing up your topper with mini salt & pepper shakers! Bonus: you can also keep these after the wedding as a fun reminder or perhaps a new “collectible” because that’s just what every newly wed couple needs.

ModCloth of course brings us some of the cutest, from elephant kisses to “truffles” that look like Toad from Mario. And a perk of cruising ModCloth for your cake toppers? Perusing their collections for new dresses, because let’s not forget there’s a bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner and honeymoon to shop plan for ladies!

 And then of course there’s the Firework Gallery, which never fails to provide the cute, the quirky, the thing you totally don’t need but is super adorable or funny so you must have. Like these.

But wait.

Then there’s that time I you Google’d “salt & pepper shakers” and wound up finding the MECCA OF ALL THINGS CUTE AND SHAKEY on none other than Amazon ~ compliments of Westland Giftware.

They seriously have all shakers you could ever want in the history of salt and peppa’.

From the standards like…

To the perfect toppers for animal obsessed lovers (me! me! me!).


And even miniature homages to our favorite famous couples (I swoon for Rhett & Scarlett…).


 So lovely ladies, what ways have you decided to celebrate the details?

It’s a shoe thing…part uno

Destination “I Do’s” can be one of the funnest ways to start your lives as husband and wife, but there are a few compromises that you might have to think about along the way. Especially when it comes to the wedding ensemble.

When I went to my pick out my dress, the consultants tried to steer me toward flowy chiffon and airy tulle dresses. But I was adamant I didn’t want my destination to dictate the dress. So for better, for worse I’ll be wearing a satin gown next month on the beaches of Mexico. With these heels.

Practical? No. Silly? Perhaps.

Perfect? Definitely! At least for me.

Just because there may be sea and sand doesn’t mean you can’t have satin and sparkles. And one of the best ways to bring bling to the beach is with some stylish sandals like these!

{T-Strap}{Floral}{Flip Flop}

Or if you’re looking for even more bling, try one of these crystalized creations.

{Grecian}{The “Tiarra”}{Lauralee Bling}

But what I truly love is a sandal I stumbled across in my many adventures of wedding “Robin Hooding”.

If you haven’t already heard of them or seen these, I highly suggest hoping over to seko designs – but the quick summary is that these loverly sandals are handmade by women in Uganda who are earning money for their education.

How could you not want to buy these after hearing about their story?

I have quite a few other sandaled soles for the perfect beachy wedding, but in an effort not to bombard you I’m going to restrain myself from visual overload. But why you’re awaiting post dos how about sharing which of these glamorous options would you pick for the most special walk of your life?

Wedding photos worthy of your childhood dreams and life from the road

When I was just a little shrimp growing up in my small town hometown I used to spend hours in my room “make believing'”. Usually with my favorite “people”. Barbie and Ken. We’d plan their dream wedding. Barbie’s future as a high powered CEO in LA or New York. And sometimes the fun vacations they’d take together. (No judgment please)

So on my own road trip with Zee German and Puffin ithe fitting that I stumble across this awesome styled shoot from Diego Munoz!

Prepare yourself.





How could you not be in love with this!? Oh and this just happens to be the photographer behind our own future W-Day photos. Which are so obvs going to be amazeballs, because how could someone capturing Mattel’s truest love story not be anything but amazeballs in all they do? Be jealous.

And to complete the childhood circle of dreams, a little update in case you missed it. We my lovely friends are relocating from rainy Washington to rainy sunny California! LALA land to be exact. We, being overly ambitious, should be ending our two day road trip late tonight red eyed and buzzed on junk food. I sense a detox in my new LA life…

On the bright side Princess Puffin McMuffin has plenty of time to catch up on her beauty sleep for her divalicious debut.


And later on…


WTF California!?


Crazy About Coral

For those of you brave souls following my Pinterest addiction boards, it may come as no surprise that I’m ECSTATIC about the Coral Comeback (see also circa 1993 when I could be seen trend-setting in my stylish Coral sweater dresses…With full on big bangs and a piggyback perm, but let’s let the latter RIP)! Even Zee German has noted that I seem to, “…have a thing for Coral.”

Because it works for every skin tone!{EXCLAMATION MARK}!

{BCBG Bachelorette Bombshell Necessity} {Vitamin A Bikini} {The. Shorts. That Pinterest Loves} {Cache Honeymoon – The Dress That Babies Are Made From}

It’s easy peasy to accessorize. And makes you feel like summer just by wearing.

{Kate Spade Is My Homegirl} {Essie Nailed It}

It’s totally versatile. And can be incorporated in pretty much any style you choose.

{Painted Frames Are So Hot Right Now} {As Are Printables…And A Little Thing Called Ombre} {Traveling in Style}

AND can be worn…

{GET.ON.MY.FEET. – AKA Aldo’s Vendetta Against Saving Money}

Who else out there is Crazy for Coral? By the way I wear size 6 1/2 and take all major forms of Aldo.

Let’s tango

This year Pantone announce Tangerine Tango as 2012’s color of the year (and Florida quietly slipped them cash-cash-money under the table…), which to most of you is probably old news. But what isn’t old news is that one of my oldest, most lovable friends is using this hue in her upcoming I Do’s!

In honor of her engagement I put together a little collection of my favorite ways to incorporate this vibrant color into your big day. Let me know what you think.

{Flower Detail} {Stamp Sealed Delivered} {Watercolor Love}

Spread the word that you’re on trend and in style by adding a pop of color to your invites. If you go with the watercolor you get extra trendsetter points with this beautiful new artful way to spread the love. But once you have your invites, don’t forget to welcome your guests with this cute multi-purpose escort or place card idea (or quick citrus snack if your that guest…which I most definitely am).

{Bride Place Card}

 Flowers are one of the obvious choices with so many fun combinations and styles!

{Rose Centerpiece}  {Daffodil Bouquet | Unknown} {Rananculus and Daisy Bouquet} {Centerpiece} {Bridesmaid Bouquets}

And apparently Mother Nature’s been a trendsetter since the beginning with these beautiful floral varieties.

Since my sweet friend is planning her wedding in Portland, I just couldn’t resist adding in these Tangerine tinted birdcages (Put a bird on it! – You know you wanted to say it).


{ Birdcage and orchids} {Hanging Birdcage}

But these ideas are a treat for the eyes and the taste buds, which obviously make them a must-have for any Tangerine inspired wedding.

{Orange Creamcicles with Ceramic Tangerine Tipped Sticks}

{Geometric} {Floral Fondant}

{Tangerine Tango}

Tangerine Juice. Fresh Homemade Ginger Simple Syrup. Rum. What’s not to love about this adult indulgence?

But don’t forget about the kids! Keep them entertained with this fun art set – Just don’t let them near your dress.

{Art Kit}

And last but not least, what would a wedding be without a few fun accessories?

Here comes the Bride. Loud and colorfied…

{Hair Flair} {Chevron Nails} {Kate Spade Statement Necklace}

Here comes the Groom to liven up the room!



Now that you have a few of these Tangerine teasers. How do you plan to tango this year?