A Bri-autiful Day in LA

When I first met Bri about 5 years ago we were in Seattle. I was finally finding “my tribe” after spending the year with Molly Mahar’s Lifestyle Design program. And she?

She was projecting fabulousness.

That’s right. PROJECTING it. She was still working a full time “big kid gig”, but it was what she did on the side…in her non-existent free time…that was the key. While others (including myself) were quick to hide their passion projects and fast to make excuses for why they aren’t able to invest more in them, Bri was a standout.


She introduced herself as a designer. A creator. She spoke with pure confidence and poise of her visions, her line, her business. Her brand. It was the day job that was her “oh and that…” to her story. And from that moment I knew this girl was going places. She had this aura of success. An unwavering faith in herself that makes it impossible to fail.

And boy in the last 5 years has she done anything BUT fail.

It’s been an inspiration to count her as a friend and watch as she’s blazed a path to her dream. “Bid kid job” nixed. Fashion shows conquered. Awards won. Move to LA done. And now from the beach to Beverly Hills, she’s leaving a glorious, sparkling trail wherever she goes! The latest being her debut of the Chrysalis Collection at today’s private event.

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 8.29.52 PM

This new line is a statement of her maturing style and self-proclaimed “new direction”. It radiates sophistication, elegance and fierce fashion with a hint of flirty, femininity.

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 8.30.58 PM

In a word. It’s…

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 8.30.43 PMSo while I’ll continue to try to coerce her into branching out to baby wear, please enjoy the latest collection from the inspirational, admirable, powerhouse beauty of Bri Seeley.

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 8.30.09 PM

I’m pretty sure that after Baby Liliana makes her appearance the lace and red babydoll dress will have to be mine…

What are your favorites? Shop all her styles here. And be sure to follow her here and here.

“Redefined feminine luxury for iconic women – fashion for women to BE women, not just look like them!”




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