BlogHer 2013 Full Conference Pass for Transfer

Hi Friends!

Unfortunately my plans to attend this year’s BlogHer Conference in Chicago had to be cancelled. Bad new for me, but potentially good news for someone else!

I have a full conference ticket for sale here via Craigslist, but if anyone is interested feel free to leave a comment and I’m happy to set up the transfer directly!


The conference takes place in only one short week, but if anyone is spontaneous and has connections in Chicago it would be a fun weekend filled with networking and blog building events and learning. Guest speakers include Guy Kawasaki, Sheryl Sandberg and Randi Zuckerber, not to mention all the amazing bloggers in the community of attendees!

I’m really sad to have to miss out, but hope this brings one of you lovely readers and opportunity to join.

The full conference includes both Friday and Saturday sessions and events. It’s valued at $407 and I’d need to pay a $25 fee for the transfer, so I’m asking for $300. But if someone would really just love to attend and can’t quite swing $300, reach out and we can chat!



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