Show some love

Ladies. Gentlemen.


My beautiful girl crush-worthy friend Ting Ting is part of Lucky’s Dasani Drops contest and could use your love! The contest allows you to vote every day, so vote often.

Why should I vote you ask? Easy-peasy!

  1. Because Ting Ting shares awesome, guilt-free, family friendly (read quick.inexpensive.realistic) recipes like this. And this.
  2. Because…Vote for fashion!
  3. Because Ting is as open and bubbly in real-life as she is online. So she goes out, gets gutsy and does cool things like intro you to stalkworthy new blogs
  4. Inspires you to create your own Bucket List
  5. And then keeps you motivated to rock it one epic adventure after another.

So maybe you vote daily just to have one more excuse to cruise Lucky.

Or maybe to it’s to do something nice and know you made someone’s day.

But definitely vote because this girl is a fierce little fashionista who could use some love for putting herself out there in all her awesomeness.

Exhibit A

Lady in Red

Exhibit B


So go go go! Get your vote on!

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