The Anti-Registry Wedding Gifts (That totally don’t suck…)

I hate registries.

Zee German and I just finished ours and by the end I was ready to delete the whole thing from 1.) Dealing with the scanner from the Stone Age – I feel like this could be an iPad+QR Code match made in Heaven, no? Quick scan straight to product reviews and then into the list with the swipe of a finger? Anybody? Anybody?… 2.) No I don’t want to open a store credit card. 3.) Customer service falling very short of McDonald’s drive through standards 4.) NO I DON’T WANT A CREDIT CARD.

BUT. I do realize this takes the cake for first-world-problems. However, even being on the other end of the list. The end where I’m trying to search the list to buy my dear friends something meaningful for the amazing milestone of marriage. And at that end, I have to say I still hate registries.

I hate them because I know that the items are all practical and sensible in that my friends actually hand picked them (though now I believe 50% were the result of a wayward laser that they just couldn’t figure out how to remove. Not like I’m speaking from experience or anything…). So naturally it makes sense that I should get them something from the list. But how does another teal Martha Stewart spatula and mixing bowl set express the years of love and specialness of the moment? But then I risk being the annoying friend who got something off list that has no place in their new home of Zen-ity Zen goodness.


UNLESS I were to get one of these little gems, which are super cool and completely blow toaster ovens out of the water!

For the game night (Because that’s SO Married Couple)

{The prettiest Scrabble game you ever saw}

For the bedroom…

{Yes. Let’s}

For the home.


This is right up there with Star Wars lingerie for the Bachelorette Gift, because we all know guys have and always will want to

feel the force.

And for the lovers…

Wait for it…



Seriously. Anyone willing to smuggle me a baby penguin from Antarctica will be my best friend forever.

I mean.

What do you think about registries? Love them? Leave them? Cheat on them with baby penguins?

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