thinky thinky thoughts and socialcide…you know the funecessities of life

Technology is my savior, but man is it trying its hardest to be the death of me.

Sometimes I miss the days of penmanship, lined paper and number 2 pencils.  I miss crayola crayons, more specifically the monster box with two rows of freshly wrapped colors of creativity.  And every year despite having a complete box, color coded, with about 30% of the crayons untouched, I needed a new box.  Ah the simple funecessities of life.

Now it’s Microsoft to the rescue of all of us we us poor grammar, spelling and penmanship handicapped fools.  It’s Facebook streaming stalker news of all of our friends, co-workers, family – raise of hands who else’s parents are

on The Facebook please – boyfriends/girlfriends, ex-friends, ex-boyfriends or girlfriends (or both) and totally random people who apparently went to the same school as us though we can’t remember them – from a class of 43.





Whoever decided it would be fun to have an open window into the happenings of ALL of these people’s daily status, pictures, hookups, drunken nights of debauchery and relationship break ups and makeups?  Really we should be able to organize our feeds: Friends, Family (Shh! Don’t share THAT or THAT), Random people who think we’re friends because they know one of my friends, Exes (AKA Facebook Marijuana – Gateway Drug to intense “Research”).


Of course I know I could always politely decline the massive over-share of information, but who are we kidding here?

So instead we commit socialcide of finding out information that really never would have been ours to know.  On with reading things that you used to find out from friends in person or at least from a phone call (oh hi I’M GETTING MARRIED….AND I’M PREGNANT! – Former Best Friend Feed).  And on and on with the social drug of choice.  Stalker Feed.  Funecessities.


Then there are those moments when there truly is something big.  And Something important.  And AND Sometime exciting.  Or Something devastating.  Something to share.  But here we are in this world of social feeds and sharing, struggling to remember how to communicate.  Trying to remember how to form a sentence.  To share something that actually matters, that grips our heart and soul.  That keeps us up at night with thoughts, and more thoughts, and thoughts that seem to never go away.  How do we share that news?  How do we comment to THAT news?

[Photo Credits: 1.) Facbook Poem – 9Gag 2.) Research –]

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