Monday Music

This has been stuck in my head since watching the last installment of Twilight. And since sharing is caring, I hope you all enjoy my “pass” to you.

Besides, who doesn’t love a song fit for sparkly skin and eternal love?

Happy Tunesday!

Just a little Bruno Mars to start the day off.

I first heard this song on Glee and can’t say which version I love more. But either way, this is one of my favorite wedding songs!

Perfect for you and your girls to start the day off with during your pre-wedding getting ready session.

A fun way to kick off the reception festivities.

Or the perfect, quirky way to add in some personality as you walk down the aisle to your guy!

Enjoy Loves!

Happy Tunesday!

Happy Tunesday Loves!

This week we got some exciting news, which I can’t wait to share when it’s a little more “official official”! But in the meantime I’ve been thinking a lot about our future home and settling down. Zee German has been traveling for business the last couple days, and it’s always funny for me to realize how intertwined our lives have become.

Life just feel more complete when we’re together. And I think it’s really true that the most important thing about a home is who you share it with (thank you Pinterest!).

So in honor of our handsome other halves, I hope you enjoy today’s tune!

{And who doesn’t love The Notebook? #Iwanttobeabirdtoo}