Life’s short. Eat cake.

Sunday’s procrastination via beautiful details brought to you by E! For Etsy. and C! for Cherry Time who happens to have the coolest take on crochet.

This is not your Grandma’s needle…

{je t’aime}

And let’s just take a minute to talk about these fish.


{Nemo found love in a  hopeless place}


So what do you think ladies and gents? Super cute right? Makes you think about taking up crochet right?

Helpful hint from experience. Those “instructional books” don’t instruct you into these cute little creations. Believe me. I tried and all I got was a floppy, lopsided start of a stocking hat. *sigh* Thankfully there are much more talented individuals in this world like Cherry Time!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday’s as much as I’m enjoying my ritual of Sunday procrastination! What’s your favorite way to spend the last day of weekend bliss?

xoxo loves!


Add some shake to your cake…toppers! Cake Toppers with style.

Most of you know that when planning a wedding, you spend a lot of time becoming a fast friend of details. Blush vs. Pink. Roses vs. Peonies. Up vs. Down.

Even Jef wants to get caught up in the details…

But when fretting over the fine print, don’t forget to have fun with the details you can. The ones that you and your guests will likely remember rather than whether your programs matched your invites (truth, sorry ladies).

Such as spicing up your topper with mini salt & pepper shakers! Bonus: you can also keep these after the wedding as a fun reminder or perhaps a new “collectible” because that’s just what every newly wed couple needs.

ModCloth of course brings us some of the cutest, from elephant kisses to “truffles” that look like Toad from Mario. And a perk of cruising ModCloth for your cake toppers? Perusing their collections for new dresses, because let’s not forget there’s a bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner and honeymoon to shop plan for ladies!

 And then of course there’s the Firework Gallery, which never fails to provide the cute, the quirky, the thing you totally don’t need but is super adorable or funny so you must have. Like these.

But wait.

Then there’s that time I you Google’d “salt & pepper shakers” and wound up finding the MECCA OF ALL THINGS CUTE AND SHAKEY on none other than Amazon ~ compliments of Westland Giftware.

They seriously have all shakers you could ever want in the history of salt and peppa’.

From the standards like…

To the perfect toppers for animal obsessed lovers (me! me! me!).


And even miniature homages to our favorite famous couples (I swoon for Rhett & Scarlett…).


 So lovely ladies, what ways have you decided to celebrate the details?