This week in Robin Hooding…

A fun DIY for the perfect polka dot.


{Get all the details on this dainty veil from Green Wedding Shoes}

And from a backyard garden to a beach far away, we bring you a unique toss on the post-ceremony celebration!

{Wish you were here from Jet Fete}

Then with a leap of faith, the always creative, Diego Munoz brings us an unbelievable Trash the Dress photo once again.

{Can’t wait for his blog updates? Don’t forget to like his page and get first glimpses of  his out of this world works of art}

And finally with a tap of ruby shoes, we find ourselves back home with a personal fav. The lovely, talented, diva with the details, HeathOriginal brings us this beyond adorable Oz themed baby shower.

From lions and tigers.

To sweet baby smiles…

This couldn’t be a more perfect addition to our weekly roundup of Robin Hooding. And while I realize this last treasure is not a traditional “wedding” find, my tres adorablae niece makes it totally legit (not biased at all).

What have been your favorite finds this week? Any gorgeous gowns? Beautiful bouquets? Fabulous photographs? Please share!


Wedding photos worthy of your childhood dreams and life from the road

When I was just a little shrimp growing up in my small town hometown I used to spend hours in my room “make believing'”. Usually with my favorite “people”. Barbie and Ken. We’d plan their dream wedding. Barbie’s future as a high powered CEO in LA or New York. And sometimes the fun vacations they’d take together. (No judgment please)

So on my own road trip with Zee German and Puffin ithe fitting that I stumble across this awesome styled shoot from Diego Munoz!

Prepare yourself.





How could you not be in love with this!? Oh and this just happens to be the photographer behind our own future W-Day photos. Which are so obvs going to be amazeballs, because how could someone capturing Mattel’s truest love story not be anything but amazeballs in all they do? Be jealous.

And to complete the childhood circle of dreams, a little update in case you missed it. We my lovely friends are relocating from rainy Washington to rainy sunny California! LALA land to be exact. We, being overly ambitious, should be ending our two day road trip late tonight red eyed and buzzed on junk food. I sense a detox in my new LA life…

On the bright side Princess Puffin McMuffin has plenty of time to catch up on her beauty sleep for her divalicious debut.


And later on…


WTF California!?