Another year older. Another year wiser?…

The hubs and I try to keep goal setting and visioning as a full-time, year-round gig. We unofficially made it our habit to have Saturday breakfast and pour over our big dreams early on in our relationship. It was one of the reasons I knew he was the one. Because he was my strategic partner in life, not just love.

But even though we strive to make goal setting a habit, with another new year rolling around, I still can’t help but feel rejuvenated and excited with the promise of a “clean slate” and new beginnings.

I’m just a sucker for big dreaming…

carpe diem

Not all those who wonder are lost

My mind is a wanderer. A wonderer.

They say it’s a symptom of our generation. A generation of entitlement. They say it like it’s a bad thing.

Is it bad to feel like there’s something more? Spoiled to think there might be a better way than “paying your dues”, “sticking with it”, “climbing the ladder”? What’s the risk in steering a new course?

What’s the risk of not?

So I dare say I’d rather be entitled. I’d rather dabble in my dreams. Chase the unknown. Fill my life with passion and wonder.

I’d rather pack up and follow my mind wherever it wanders.

And you?