Just Wishing and Hoping…

I had tried to find a way to get bulk dandelion “wishers” for my wedding to give to guests or have “thrown” as we walked down the aisle after the ceremony. Alas, our wedding was in Mexico so we weren’t able to smuggle them over.

However, I still LOVE the idea and offer it out there to any of your brides-to-be. I thought it was an ultra romantic idea to have “wishes” blown around us as a new couple and to give wishes to our friends and family for joining us on our wedding day.

But whether you’re able to live out my (or your own because I’m sure I’m not the first to have thought it up) little wedding wish, I love that you can still wear a sweet little wishing necklace…

Etsy via NaturetopiaCreations

Dandelion Necklace



Etsy via TheHangingGarden

Dandelion Necklace 2


Etsy via KandyDisenos

Dandelion Necklace 3