Did you know…

Otter Love

Zee hubby came up to me the other day and said, “Did you know that otters hold hands to keep from floating away when they sleep?”. And while I did happen to know this AWWW-dorable fun fact, it was the sweetest thing to see his excitement in sharing this new found knowledge.

Even cuter?

He said this as he grabbed my hand…

So to my hubby. Thanks for not letting me float away.

OMCuteness Overload


Hipster Baby


Died. This kid just killed me with her cuteness. I  mean. HIPSTER BABEH!

And apparently you can totally make her adorable knit scarf (hypothetically, because if you’re me and all knitting projects end up looking like sorry attempts at Celtic knots. Well then, you’re out of luck) if you hop over to this lovely guide —–> HERE {cue cuteness}

And in other news, it’s 12 min. past the last repeating date of a century.