Wednesday Wedding Inspiration

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Hump Day to bring you my latest crush obession-worthy designer…

Ladies and Gents. Please a moment of silence in appreciation of the absolutely stunning creations by Jaton Couture…


This beauty was first spotted on Pinterest, but I didn’t think it’d be possible to find a whole treasure trove of breathtaking, elegance as I did when finding @jatoncouture on Instagram…since then my attention mind has been on a downward spiral chasing the white rabbit…

Jaton Couture 1


Jaton Couture 2

Gorgeous and more gorgeous…

But this exquisiteness isn’t even limited to just weddings! {cue heart palpitations…}

Jaton Couture 4

Jaton Couture 3

Totes every day wear right? This mommy-to-be definitely thinks so…

So what do you think loves? Are you as desperately, hopelessly in love with Jaton Couture as I am? Because seriously as if the accents weren’t enough, all of this makes me ready to hop on a flight to Australia and right about now…


Eiffel For You…

Somewhere at the corner of Happily Ever After and way too little sleep, I crack myself up. Otherwise known as my idea for a Parisian themed wedding…

“Eiffel For You”

Get it!? haha <— See *literally* laughing at my own cleverness

Admittedly it very well could have been a term coined by another, but since I hadn’t seen it in all my Robin Hooding and pretty much everything on the web has been re-invented and reclaimed multiple times over anyway, I’m claiming it for ACL.

But more importantly, I’m sharing it with you…

Paris Palette

{Every little girls dream picture} {Baubles} {Oh Christian!} {Oo La La It’s Couture}

Wedding Poses

Hair Flair

{Pretty in Pink} {Pastel and Pearls}

The Details

{Eiffel In Love} {Palettable Place Setting}

wedding love

{Lovebirds in Louvre}

Je Taime


So there you have it dolls.

From Paris with Louvre….

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Nordstrom does it again

Nordstrom White Dress


Nordstrom celebrates spring with The Little White Dress! Check out this lovely collection of white dresses for all your bridal events on the way to the chapel.

And in other news. My first official impulse Pinterest-to-purchase:

Millionaire Darling


When the hubby’s away, the wifey will play…But seriously, it’s obviously a sign, no? 😉

Every once in a while I’m caught up in big kids work and forget about my Robin Hooding shenanigans.

And then something like this comes along and totally sets me straight…

Paolo Sebastian 2012

Straight down a sparkly, distracting, Pinterest-filled tunnel.

ooohhhh shiny

Excitement beyond containment! Engagements galore!

Shivering with excitement.

That’s how I felt when I got off the phone with my best friend and the world’s most amazing Maid of Honor. I could not be more thrilled, ecstatic, gleeful, filled with joy, and all things sparkles and smiles for her recent engagement at Mt. Zion. Beyond gorgeous ring. Breath taking backdrop. And to quote he who has a way when hair gel and hairspray…

A love to make story books jealous.

Love you mucho my sweet Pocket Jenny! And in honor of the most exciting announcement this month, here’s a little sneak preview of the board that’s been patiently waiting for this momentous day!

{Left: Pinterest}{Right: Xenia}

And For the Love of Scrabble…

{Studio La Touche}


For the cardigan addiction.

{Grey Likes Weddings}

For the musician who stole your heart.


{5 Dollar French Market}

And last but definitely not least.

Go Cougs!

{Sugar Plum Garters}

2014 is going to be an exciting year!

Wedding Dress Obsession | Jorge Manuel “The Emerald”

Oh Pinterest how I love thee! Especially on days like today. Days with a full day of “bid kid” work ahead, yet you manage to sneak a succulent piece of forbidden fruit. A sweetly, stunning, shot of wedding inspiration. And I’m in love.

Brought to wedding stalkers everywhere by none other than Style Me Pretty is this beyond gorgeous dress to make all other dresses jealous by Jorge Manuel. Full post and more pictures here.

It’s official. I’m obsessed.

Love right? LOVE.

Wedding Shoe Spotlight. Two by Two.

Weddings are a celebration of two’s. Two families becoming one. Two hearts on soul. Two lives. Too many choices…

But one of those choices that should be fun is deciding on the perfect shoes! And what could be better for the big day than a pair of fabulous boots? Not only will your toes by thanking you, but boots can be worn over and over again reminding you each time of that very special day.

Boots can add let your quirky side show…

{Luster Studios}

While still being sexy and stylish.

{Lauren Jones}

They can be simple.

{Cowboy Boot Signs}

Or sweet.

{Flower girls}

But even more than that. They can be worn side by side…

{Bride; Groom}

So whether “Rustic Chic” is a thing of the past. Here’s to hoping these boots will be a trend that lasts.

And if you’re looking to cowboy up for your big day, you have to check out Cavender’s Boot City. They have amazing styles and the most adorable kicks for the minis of your special day. Here’s a personal pic of our own loot from the Austin, TX location (of course).

DIY Beaded Sandals

The week was halved. The sun is shining. America celebrated its birthday under a sky of fireworks and with sea of smiling faces. Old Navy brought back their 1-Day $1 flip flop sale!

What better way to end this week than with a little DIY love for your feet (even better if you scored some new flippy floppies from Old Navy)?

This fun visual tutorial is easy to follow and even easier to customize to your own style. Like bling over beads? No problem. Prefer pink to white ribbon? No worries.

{Unfortunately I couldn’t find the original link, so please leave a comment if you know who to thank for this fun footsie find!}

How will you be styling up your footwear for this summer?