Paris. Amor. Lavender. Tiffany’s. Bubbles. Champagne. Tory Burch. Aqua. Sparkles. Purple. Teal. Diamonds. and Fairy Tales…

And Fairy Tales…

Because my little Yuri only gets married once. Because you only live once. You only love once.


Paris with Love

Teal Ombre

{Teal Ombre Bridesmaid Dresses}

Lavender Ombre

{Purple Ombre Bridesmaids Dresses}

The layout

{Mixes of Turquoise and Violet}

The eats

{DIY Ombre Sugar Hearts for the Guests – Tutorial}

{Frozen Fruits and Champagne Jello Shots}

Eat Cake

{Ombre cake with Gilded Detail}


{Beautiful Bouquet}

Flower Arrangements

{Colored glass and lavender florals}

Tory BurchOh Tory…

Get Social

{Instagram and Love Notes}


{Puppy Love}

But most importantly…

Every once in a while I’m caught up in big kids work and forget about my Robin Hooding shenanigans.

And then something like this comes along and totally sets me straight…

Paolo Sebastian 2012

Straight down a sparkly, distracting, Pinterest-filled tunnel.

ooohhhh shiny

Monday Music

This has been stuck in my head since watching the last installment of Twilight. And since sharing is caring, I hope you all enjoy my “pass” to you.

Besides, who doesn’t love a song fit for sparkly skin and eternal love?

Just Wishing and Hoping…

I had tried to find a way to get bulk dandelion “wishers” for my wedding to give to guests or have “thrown” as we walked down the aisle after the ceremony. Alas, our wedding was in Mexico so we weren’t able to smuggle them over.

However, I still LOVE the idea and offer it out there to any of your brides-to-be. I thought it was an ultra romantic idea to have “wishes” blown around us as a new couple and to give wishes to our friends and family for joining us on our wedding day.

But whether you’re able to live out my (or your own because I’m sure I’m not the first to have thought it up) little wedding wish, I love that you can still wear a sweet little wishing necklace…

Etsy via NaturetopiaCreations

Dandelion Necklace



Etsy via TheHangingGarden

Dandelion Necklace 2


Etsy via KandyDisenos

Dandelion Necklace 3

This week in Robin Hooding…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been inspired by all the gorgeousness online. These are just a few of my latest favs. Hope you enjoy!

DIY Sequin Cocktail Glass Collars

One of my absolute favorite stalk-worthy wedding bloggistas has posted a fun DIY right in time for the holidays! How cute would your NYE champagne be decked in sequins this year?!

But of course you couldn’t dress up your cocktail while neglecting yourself…

Hair Flair

Voila! Hair flair if you dare. Lovely locks won’t be complete without one of these.

That is unless you have a crush worthy style like this

Half Updo

With some curl. A little wave. A bit of criss-cross action and a twist. This style is simple, yet elegant from wedding aisles to holiday parties!

And speaking of parties, don’t forget the little one! Deck her out with her very own sparkles using these fabric stickers (FABRIC GLITTER STICKERS!!! LOVE!)

Confetti Dot Skirt

And what holiday would be complete without a little bling?

Jennifer Stano - Wedding Bling


But honestly. Let’s. Just. Stop.

How beyond gorgeous and covetable is Mrs. Stano David’s ring bling? I mean seriously. Now that’s a Christmas Miracle…

Ah…but back to reality, how adorable would it be for your future hubby to pop the question while picking out a Christmas Tree? That’s the premise behind this lovable little post.

Christmas Proposal

So whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa…

Globe Guest Book


Wherever you are around the world.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s pursuits in Robin Hooding! Happy Holidays everyone!

Written in Ink

For anyone whose hubby also seems to think that couple’s tattoos are necessary, you might want to check out Keltie Colleen’s collection on Buzzfeed of the 31 Best Couple Tattoos.

Hope you enjoy!

…While I go try to convince Zee German tattoos do not equal divorce-proof marriage

Case and point. {but cute tattoos…}

Check out the Keltie’s full gallery. These are just a few of my favs.


This week in Robin Hooding…

A fun DIY for the perfect polka dot.


{Get all the details on this dainty veil from Green Wedding Shoes}

And from a backyard garden to a beach far away, we bring you a unique toss on the post-ceremony celebration!

{Wish you were here from Jet Fete}

Then with a leap of faith, the always creative, Diego Munoz brings us an unbelievable Trash the Dress photo once again.

{Can’t wait for his blog updates? Don’t forget to like his page and get first glimpses of  his out of this world works of art}

And finally with a tap of ruby shoes, we find ourselves back home with a personal fav. The lovely, talented, diva with the details, HeathOriginal brings us this beyond adorable Oz themed baby shower.

From lions and tigers.

To sweet baby smiles…

This couldn’t be a more perfect addition to our weekly roundup of Robin Hooding. And while I realize this last treasure is not a traditional “wedding” find, my tres adorablae niece makes it totally legit (not biased at all).

What have been your favorite finds this week? Any gorgeous gowns? Beautiful bouquets? Fabulous photographs? Please share!